A Patio Makeover with Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillows

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Need to add a little excitement to your backyard patio setting? It’s so easy to breathe new life into your patio furniture simply by adding or changing out your outdoor throw pillows. A group of new designer throw pillows can give your space a totally different feel, but it might prove difficult to find the right combination of pillows that fits your style. At Pacific Patio Furniture, we feature outdoor pillows by Elaine Smith.

Elaine's soft and stylish pillows are all handcrafted using sophisticated fabrics in rich colors and intricate patterns. There is something for everyone who wants their outdoor living space to be as beautiful as their indoor one. With fabrics that are created to withstand whatever children, pets and life can throw at them, Elaine has created a line of pillows that are, quite accurately, Inconceivably Outdoor.

Here are some helpful hints in finding the right pillows for your outdoor furniture:

Choose one cohesive color palette and commit to it. You’re going to get the most impact if all of your pillows are either in the same shade or in a pair of complimentary shades.




Elaine Smith Pillows Blue Tones

Try a symmetrical arrangement for your patio furniture. When you’re layering several different fabrics on top of each other, things can get really busy. Try a symmetrical arrangement because it keeps things feeling orderly and polished.

Elaine Smith Pillows Red

Shape and Size: The right size depends on how big your patio furniture is, but for eye-pleasing proportions, try pairing square pillows measuring 20 to 22 inches across with smaller square or lumbar pillows.Elaine Smith Pillows Orange

One simple print, one busy print, and one solid. This is a basic formula that’ll help you narrow down your options. Your busy/large print should be on your largest pillows or the pillow that is front and center, as this print will usually set the tone for not just your pillow arrangement but the rest of your room. Striped pillows work well as small/simple prints.Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillows

 As you move towards the inside of a sofa, the pillows should get smaller. Also, try to stick to an odd number of pillows which adds a more relaxed and natural feel to an arrangement.Elaine Smith Pillow Midnight

Although decorative, pillows are really meant to add comfort to your patio furniture, so take it easy. You don't want too many pillows or you might end up with a congested look.Elaine Smith Pillows

So, add some new life to your patio! Pacific Patio Furniture carries the entire line of Elaine Smith Pillows. And they are not just for outdoor, they look just as beautiful indoors too! Pick your color, turn on your creativity and have fun pillow shopping! Elaine Smith Pillows Indoor

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