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What To Look For In Teak Patio Furniture — And Some Tips For Caring For Your Furniture!

At Pacific Patio, we carry a wide variety of stylish teak outdoor furniture. And for good reason. Teak is an exceptionally durable wood, requiring very little maintenance or care. Whether you like teak’s natural look, or the weathered style, teak is a great choice for your outdoor furniture because of its strength, durability and natural resistance to mold and rot.

Teak furniture is typically finely sanded in its natural form and then treated with teak oil. Oiling teak furniture is not primarily for protection of the wood — it’s mainly for retaining and enhancing the wood's natural golden color. If you like that style, remember to oil your furniture every few months to maintain its appearance. It’s also a good idea to keep your furniture out of direct sunlight.
Before you apply a maintenance coat of oil, be sure to completely clean your furniture. After cleaning, don’t wait to apply the oil. Cleaning will remove any natural oils that have built up on the surface, and the new coat of oil you’re applying should restore the teak’s original look.
When you’re shopping for teak oil, look for either tung or linseed oil. You’ll probably also see a variety of products with additives designed to block the sun’s UV rays, and to prevent mildew. Apply the oil with a paint brush for a nice, even coating. Continue applying the oil until the wood stops soaking it up. That’s it – your teak furniture will continue to look great for your family and friends!

A natural alternative

Although many people like the honey-colored look of oiled teak, untreated teak is equally popular. Untreated teak has an aged, weathered look which is actually quite distinctive — a silver-gray tone that fits well with our Southern California style.
Untreated teak, however, is susceptible to mildew on the surface of the wood if it’s not regularly cared for. In fact, regular cleaning will help prevent mildew build-up and discoloration on both treated and untreated wood. Luckily, regular maintenance is really quite easy — quick washing your furniture with mild soap and water and some bleach or vinegar mixed in is a great way to prevent mildew. One important tip — use a towel or soft brush to clean your furniture. Brushes with stiff bristles can scratch the wood.
Looking for more information on teak Furniture? Check out the short video below from Summer Classics founder Bew White, who gives some great insights about teak furniture design. Pacific Patio proudly carries Summer Classics teak furniture, and we invite you to check out what’s happening in our Santa Monica showroom, where you’ll find a giant collection of  luxury patio furniture with Los Angeles style!

Bew White Discusses Summer Classics Teak from Summer Classics on Vimeo.

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