The Timeless Natural Beauty of Wicker

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Wicker outdoor patio sets combine classic design with long-lasting durability. With a range of contemporary and traditional collections available from today’s leading designers, Pacific Patio Furniture’s variety of wicker furniture gives you the opportunity to choose tables, chairs, loveseats and more — furniture that perfectly fits your taste and is guaranteed to provide years of enjoyment with family and friends.

Modern wicker furniture boasts impressive durability for a very simple reason — manufacturers have dedicated themselves to continual progress in the development of the wicker material itself. Where wicker was once often made of cane material, today it is made of custom fabrics designed to avoid cracking and peeling and maintain a smooth finish.

For example, take a look at our Lloyd Flanders collections of hand-crafted wicker furniture. It uses an exclusive material called Lloyd Loom,® created with an innovative process in which cellulose strands are woven into a wicker fabric. This material features a continuous strand designed to resist burring, cracking, or peeling. It also includes another unique feature — aluminum stakes encased in loom fiber that are inserted into the fabric for enhanced stability and durability.
Beyond the state-of-the-art material itself, fully assembled Lloyd Flanders furniture is taken to a paint shop at the end of the manufacturing process. It receives two coats of remarkably tough but environmentally friendly Durium® paint. This finishing material is composed of a solid, polyester resin-based paint that's exceptionally flexible as well as durable, so it provides both a beautiful finishing coat and a finish that can withstand summer heat and winter snow.

Watch The Video To See How Lloyd Flanders Manufactures Wicker Furniture

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